Margate Restoration Expert - Mold Remediation


Water damages have a plethora of ramifications, and most of them go away a few days after the damage has been done. Stagnated water runs out, surface dries up and furniture is straightened out. However, one consequence remains and grows for a long period- mold growth. Mold growth is not merely gross to see and smell; rather it can cause a wide-range of health hazards.

Margate Restoration Expert understands the cause and science behind mold growth and is always on its feet to alleviate it and suspend its growth. If you notice mold formation on any surface at your place, then be quick to give us a call on 954-459-3089, regardless of where you reside in the Margate, FL area.

The critical phase: The first 48-72 hours

Mold is a parasitic fungus that grows by feeding on organic matter present in walls, wallpapers and wood. There is no place that is incapable of holding mold spores. The spores are present everywhere and when given the right resources for them to grow, such as moisture, they evolve and reproduce. Eventually, you’d see the formation darkening the surface and spreading its odor throughout the space.

Within merely two or three days, the mold spores multiply and affect the quality of air, creating a drastic impact on the health of you and your family members/employees. When it’s left unchecked for a longer period, living in such a space becomes an impossible task.

Barring the deadly invader:

If you ever heard a term such as ‘mold-proofing’ your property, then it’s a red flag. There is no such thing as mold-proofing but there sure is a thing such as building a mold-resistant space. When you make the surface mold-resistant, mold formation is prevented, and that can save a massive amount of money! It all starts by suspending the growth of mold and halting their multiplication. This is achieved by cutting all sources of moisture. When flood strikes, or pipes burst, water retention in hidden spaces ends up providing an ample room for mold to grow due to moisture. This is why you need to ensure that the space is dried up thoroughly using professional techniques. When you call Margate Restoration Expert for water damage mitigation, they ensure to dry the area thoroughly and remove moisture so that mold formation doesn’t possess any room.

Mold remediation: How we get rid of it?

No matter what you do, you would never know when mold form and start to multiply. This is why you need to keep an eye on the frequenting surfaces and look out for either a weird smell or discoloration on the surface area. Mold formation can affect the quality of air, and hence you’d notice that you or your loved ones are falling sick frequently. If any of this is commonplace at your place, then be warned and notify Margate Restoration Expert immediately. We will arrive at your location, assess the property and detect mold formation that is not visible on the surface with the aid of advanced technology. There after we would remove the mold using special cleansers, cut the source of moisture, disinfect the air and bring things back to normalcy.

What we do?

  • Detection of mold using advanced equipment
  • Disinfecting the air
  • Deodorization of the property
  • Refurbishment of property
  • Sanitization and cleaning of the area using chemicals
  • Fixing and detecting water leaks
  • Replacement of destroyed materials

Prevent mold from destroying your property in the Margate, FL area with our mold remediation services by calling us on 954-459-3089!