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Among many forces, the most inevitable and most destructive one is fire. We need fire to cook, to keep ourselves warm, but the same has destroyed many homes and claimed several lives. Fire accidents are devastating and common all over the world. Proper measures are to be taken to avoid such disasters caused by fire as they not only char our valuable property, they can take away your priceless possessions and what not, leaving a permanent scar.  We understand how terrible such an accident can be and we are aware that damage can amplify if immediate help is not provided efficiently.

Why call us?

The fire department would have put out the fire, but fire, as we know, destroys your property and that damage must be restored immediately. Even a small fire incident can leave your place looking devastated as the soot settles on the furniture, discolors walls and metals begin to corrode. The water used to put off the fire might have flooded your place and would have soaked your furniture. Seeing your place in such a terrible sight can leave you depressed, but remember most of it can be restored if professional help is availed immediately. Margate Restoration Expert is a professional fire damage restoration service provider and is just a phone call away. A call to 954-459-3089 will bring a swarm of experts where ever you are in Margate, FL area to initiate the restoration process, and bring your life back to normal.

Combating fire plus water damage

Fire fighters are heroes trying to save lives by putting out the fire. Several chemical agents, extinguishers and huge amount of water is used to combat the fire. No matter the intention behind the usage of such copious amounts of water and chemicals, these things can damage your property unimaginably by causing discoloration, damaging the furniture, and leaving behind residues that can be hazardous. Odor and smoke can remain in the premises, if proper action is not taken. We, being experts in the field, can handle all kind of situations quickly and sort everything out for you. We are quick to analyze and act. Our vast experience in rendering solutions to Margate, FL area allows us to provide quality services that can take away your stress.

Our work process:

Step 1: We start from the basics by first identifying the source of fire. It helps us determine what exactly caused the accident to mitigate the damage done using the appropriate methods.

Step 2: We then analyze the damaged possessions to determine if they can be salvaged. This reduces our time to get things done quickly.

Step 3: The possessions salvaged are fixed and the others that are beyond redemption are disposed.

Step 4: Water damage is taken into account. We remediate the areas damaged through effective drying.

Step 5: We do structural restoration which involves replacing burnt wooden furniture and beams, removal of charred insulation, installation of new carpets and floorings, and evaluation of the structural integrity of the damaged area. If required our fire damage restoration experts may rebuild certain sections of the house, completely.

Step 6: Finally, we ensure that your property is back to normal by cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfecting it entirely.

Call Margate Restoration Expert at954-459-3089in case you had a devastating fire accident that made your life miserable. Experts from our firm will make sure your property is restored perfectly.