About Margate Restoration Expert - Margate, FL


Margate Restoration Expert was established with an aim to provide restoration and repair services about two decades ago in the Margate, FL area. We had observed how the residue left after fire damages, or mold formation after water damage can leave a displeasing aura in residential/commercial properties. Too often, we’d hear the community complaining about its displeasing look, yet not being able to find an appropriate and cost-effective service to restore it all to perfection. Hence, our organization was born.

Back then, our beginnings were humble, and it took years of hard work and relentless services to establish ourselves as the most reliable service in the area. Right from providing water drying services, removing mold formation after water damage, soot removal to rebuilding properties after fire damage- we have professionalized ourselves to be the go-to place for it all!

Our work philosophy

We are a deeply empathetic organization and that’s exactly why we don’t look at your property as just another ‘client’, rather our philosophy is to treat you as one of our own and restore everything to perfection. Our work philosophy is the main determinant for our staggering success over the years, because we know that happy customers make up a happy establishment. We respond to your calls made on 954-459-3089 quickly, dispatch our team within a short period, assess and fix your property to utmost perfection.

Our pillars of strength

What’s a structure all about if it didn’t have the foundation laid rigidly or the pillars upright? We had always been lucky to have had our foundation solid and the pillars strong enough to reel through both, easy and tough times. Our dedicated team has been the reason for our growth, and their expertise along with their amiable nature has taken us places in the Margate, FL community.

Innovation at its best

You think mere vacuuming would be enough to mitigate water damage. Well, it sure does look like it on the surface, as it’s now all dried up and dandy. But do you know the water that floods your space can seep into furniture and remain there for days, leading to mold formation, odor and several health hazards? For this reason, you need to avail the help of innovative technicians at Margate Restoration Expert who would use advanced techniques to dry the surface, by using technology such as dehumidifiers, heat blowers and so on.

Committed to serve

We understand the ramifications that a natural disaster entails, and that is why we are committed to serving quickly and to the best of our ability. We are available at your service 24/7 throughout the year, and you can count on us no matter what.

Expect us to serve you when no one else does. All you need to do is call Margate Restoration Expert on 954-459-3089 when you need us!