Situated in the heart of southern Florida, Margate was founded in the 1950s and soon turned into a prominent town with an influx of settlers from nearby lands. The name of the city was coined after clubbing the first three letters of its founder’s (Jack Marquese) last name and the word ‘gateway’. 

In 1961, Margate officially became a city after which rapid development kicked off. As years passed on, Margate turned into yet a prominent urban hub with remarkable outdoor amenities like golf courses, water parks, and year-round cultural events.

The other side of Margate:

Margate, like its neighboring cities, has had its share of unfortunate encounters with calamities like hurricanes. Most notable of these was Hurricane Andrew, which rattled the city in 1992, uprooting trees, destroying power lines, and flooding residences. In 2014, flood maps in Margate and throughout Broward County were redrawn, bringing over 10,000 properties in the city out of danger zone.

Should I opt for flood insurance or not?

The question may invariably pop up in your head if you are living in Margate. Despite most of its properties now out of the flood zone, Margate is still susceptible to the peripheral risks of Hurricanes. Cancelling or not opting for flood insurance is risky as the intense seasonal rains may cause localized floods. Not having insurance during such an event would mean that you will to bear the extensive cost of restoration work. While insurance will cushion you against such risks, a helpful restoration company like Margate Restoration Expert would ensure that the damage is greatly reduced and help settle your insurance claims.

The number one restoration company in Margate:

Still think you are safe? But what if an unfortunate incident like burst pipe results in a nasty indoor flooding or mold spreads to your living room and contaminates your valuables? Incidents like these can happen anytime and demand immediate intervention – and Margate Restoration Expert has got your back.

Be it flood, fires, or anything in between, our experts are available throughout the day for immediate damage restoration. Plus, with a fleet of fully-loaded vehicles, we can reach any location in the city in 30 minutes or less! 

Areas we serve:

33063, 33065, 33068, 33073, 33076, 33093

What we offer:

  • Margate Restoration Expert Margate, FL 954-459-3089Flood water extraction
  • Mold removal and decontamination
  • Moisture removal through drying techniques
  • Identifying and fixing water leaks
  • Implementing home and office designs
  • Restoration of damaged items
  • Repainting and wallpapering
  • Isolation and decontamination of affected areas
  • Soot and smoke damage restoration

And more.

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